Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Every Woman

Needs her man.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I always loved indie & hiphop together. Especially the style they have. Well last night, Brennan picked me up to head out to a Indie/Hiphop concert. A new band from Oregon called "Portugal The Man". Don't be fooled by their band name, they're actually really good! After 3 long hours of watching the opening gigs from other performers, they finally came out :) They blew my mind away, they're music was really good! I wasn't able to take any photos due to my lack of bringing my camera. But here are some pictures to what they look like.

check out their music @

Friday, April 24, 2009

A little about me.

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

1. I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Raised by Mom & Stepdad up til' 10 yrs old when they divorced. I've had my shares of dads but I've only came to call one man "dad" & that's the man that raised me. Then Ma' got engaged about a yr ago, and we moved to boring ol' Fairbanks, Alaska 5 months ago.

2. I'm Vietnamese and Chinese. I can understand Viet and speak it fluently. However, I don't understand Chinese nor speak it. But I'm learning! I love both cultures :) I have my mother's last name. Tran, I know it's a common viet last name. So is Nguyen. Haha. I love love viet food, well actually all asian foods :)

3. I have 6 siblings - 4 real brothers, 1 stepsister & Twin. Yes, I do have a twin sister and yes we're born on the same day for you idiots who asks! Her names is Theresa. Mother named us after, "Saint Maria-Theresa" I say having a twin is not so bad but when she always borrow my clothes is when it gets ugly. We get along quite well and no we don't fight, again for those who asks. We may argue sometimes, but we can't stand being mad each other. She's my other half! Together, we're unstoppable.

4. I love clothes. Foreal, you'll probably trip if you actually saw how obsessed I am with clothes. I like anything from vintage to hiphop. What makes my day/week is buying new clothes or accessories. I have the urge to collect accessories, lots of them! I love thrift shopping too! I mean hey, who doesn't love to find something for so cheap? hah! I have my "thrift shopping gals" but sadly, they're not here =P

5. I can be a very girly-girl to a total boy-girl. From boots & sandals to kicks & vans. I like to be a little different and try new things instead of the whole always a girly-girl or tom-boy thing. I like girls who can pull of any outfit they wear and I mean, ANY outfit now.

6. I've been known to be the best advice giver to most people I know. People ask me how do I do it. I guess it just comes natural. I like helping people out even if I hardly know that person. It gives to help someone once in awhile.

7. I have really weird taste buds. Seriously. I'll say that I like waffles with iceceam. I love bananas with my cereal. I have to have my Special K with banana slices every morning or else I'll be cranky :P well atleast every morning, if not, every other morning. But aside those sweets, I really like food that makes you feel good about yourself :) Don't know what I mean? Like salads, yogurts, tuna, celery, etc etc. You get the deal. I try to be a health freak. I hate greasy/fatty foods - fast foods are a no-no! Well let's just say, I'm very picky when it comes to food.

8. I've had 6 ex-boyfriends in the past. And that does not include the pretend boyfriends nor our kindergarten through fifth grade boyfriends. Lol. The funny thing is, as I thought about it, they were all either Chinese or Filipino. Boy oh boy, what a trip! But I stayed faithful to all. The 1st one, Zhi, was basically my soul-mate until family got in the way. 2nd, Kherman, oh my first filipino bf! hah didn't work out because he turned out to be a drugee. 3rd, Tony, didn't work out either because his lack of faithfulness. 4th, Dustin, we were better off as friends. 5th, Kevin or known as "G-No", was too much of a pretty boy/bad boy/and a ladies man. Last, Ryan, we would've made 2 years and 2 months by now. But that all changed 5 months ago. It was more of a friend relationship than a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.

9. I was never interested in wearing make-up. Back then, I always went the natural way until mid of freshman year when I started using eye-liner (liquid&eye). Then I started using false eyelashes sophmore year because of my very small eyelashes. I know, it's very un-original and "fake" if you prefer but I have a reason to why I wear them unlike other girls who actually have nice long lashes but tries to wear false ones. It just makes them look like a drag queen. (no offense) & yes I still wear them to this day.

10. I'm a very "art-sy" person. I love designs, abstracts, colors, everything you can think of that deals with art. I love doing nails :) I used to be so bad at it. I also love photography. Oh my, my passion! I love beading, sewing, painting, scrapbooking and ya da ya da. I plan to have my own clothing line if it's possible and my own stores. YAYYYY :D I love to paint & design nails, a hobby I picked up when Mama started to work as a nail technician. I do my own every 3 days if I'm not busy. I miss those sessions I've had with the girls :) and doing everyone's nails.

11. I'm a total neat freak! and an organized person. I like things organized and well placed. I like the whole presentable look and feel. I also like everything categorized. For example: my whole closet range from cardigans w/ cardigans, boots w/ boots, tops w/ tops, shoes w/ shoes, jeans w/ jeans, etc etc. You get the whole thing. Sometimes I like to change things up a bit and color coordinate things and vice versa.

12. I'm a really productive person, well that's atleast what everyone says. I can't sit in a chair for a period of time (unless I'm blogging so that's an exception) or else I'll go crazy. I'm always doing something. In school, I'm always in my own little world, working. I've always come to feel selfless when I'm not doing what I'm supposed to do. I like that feel of accomplishment :D hah, & plus what I get out of it! WOOOOOOSA.

13. I like talking "properly" for some reason. But you know, I would always throw in the slang and moke action once in awhile. My friends back home said I talk "white" now. What is that supposed to mean? Talking is talking. watevvvvvr. HAH.

14. I've been a straight-A student since I could remember. I came from a very very very strict family that expects so much out of all us. People flip out when they learn that a B to my mom is like an F. So I have to, have to get an A. Erghhh. But hey, beauty & brains? Too badddd most pretty girls aren't like that. I try to be the daughter every parent dreamed of :P

15. I hate sleeping in. I feel as if I'm missing out on the world when I'm sleeping. I get up very early each morning, yes weekends too! It actually feels better because instead of waking up late in the afternoon and wasting your whole day because you woke up so late, I get to do more things. hah :P

16. Every person I have met in my life always always always say, I'm so intimidating! Some people have actually admitted that they thought I'm a mean, stuck-up person. And ergh, they all always say that I'm a very nice person when they actually got to know me. It's so complicated I swear. But I guess, I've always try put on a strong presence and there's a slight chance it's because the way I dress.

17. So I've been told many times that I'm a very loud, impatient obnoxious person. I always scream people's names when I see them. Well the only important people. And I always like everything my way but learned to stop because no one can ever have it their way unless your a total stuckup person. I can never hold my patience. Like I've said before, I want things done in a jiffy. But then again, I'm learning from that too.

18. Okay, now let me emphasis on this. I don't smoke, drink, party, do drugs, or any of those "wasting your life" kind of bullshit. I mean, I do party but not party party where all people do is get drunk, high, or whatever. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. I mean, what are you people trying to prove? That you're allllll that?! Make me yak! I hate how the younger generation is getting influenced by all the teens. "Little girls & boys". Hmmph ;p

19. Every one has said to call me "rich girl" and I feel offended by it. It's not a bad thing, but I'm not rich damn it! I'm a middle-class person but I do love money. Which I need to save up because I'm always spending it on things.

20. I love the warm weather and the feel of the warm breeze from the oceans. It makes me miss Hawaii so much! I morn for those sunny days & raining days where it feels so good to take a nap and hear the rain tapping against your window. Yeah, those days.. But I've learned to like the cold weather, it's not all that bad I guess. Seeing snow for the first time is nice, but no so much having to be in below 0 degrees weather.

21. I like to be sweet to everyone but I can be a total b-i-t-c-h. I swear, people who know me, knows how I am. I can be such a nice person that I get so mad at myself sometimes. But then again, you get the deal when a person can be real nice and sweet then all of a sudden, turn into this evil, mad, "the devil from hell" kind of person! But yes, I try to be nice to everyone. I get along with mostly everyone I know. Maybe that's why I'm the favorite sister :) hah.

22. I love cooking and baking! Well that's because I'm always the one doing all the cooking and what not. Everyone is so lazy nowadays >.< I love love seafood, fish to shrimp to lobster, to oysters and squids! Yummm :D

23. I'm a very unpredictable and an indecisive person. No one can tell what I will do next, that's because I try to keep everything to myself. I hate how people always go telling other people everything what they're gonna do. FYI: No one cares! I'm known as the girl who can't make up her mind. I always want to do this, but will change my mind and do another, and it goes on and on.

24. I'm not going to even type anything about me for #24 fact, but I'll say this will not prove that you know me by just reading this. Ehe. Muah, PL&L!

25. Motha*ckaaaaa, I'm ill.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


So Mom just bought me a new Marc Jacobs perfume :) His new "Daisy" perfume is “happy and youthful”, and “more accessible than the signature range” and “sophisticated but not too serious”. In other words, it's meant to bring younger consumers into the Marc Jacobs fold. It's light & pleasant and all girls should get it! Small are $57 & medium are $72.

& I can't forget, Brennan actually got me the fedora I wanted from the antique shop for my birthday as I mentioned in my previous blog sometime ago. He wanted it so bad for himself but being the "nice" person he is, (well that's what he says, hah!) he bought it :) Thannnks again!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


One of my favorite bands :) Check out their new album release!

+ Starstrukk & Still Around are the top as of right now.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Knock You Down.

Keri Hilson's debut album just became one of my fav <3
"Knock You Down" ft. Ne-yo & Kanye West is one of the
best jams to jam to in the car! I love her style & she def
rocks the short hair in the vid. Watch out Rihanna!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Time to celebrate.

scuuuured ob dee alien? hah.

I'm excited to say, HAPPPPY BDAY TO TWINNY & I! :D Usually, turning a year older is nothing. But heck, I'm actually excited this year around. Day started off great so far. Relaxing, and no stress >.< Taking millions of pictures in class and getting out @ 12:45. Hurrrrr did! Looking forward to the weekend =) update on it laters.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out and About.

w/ Brennan alot lately. Went to Town to see what they "got" there. & there was nothing. It's like a ghost town I swear. However, we did discover this antique store, and oh my! It had so many cool things dating back to the 40's-80's. There was this fedora I wanted, but too expensive since it was an "antique". Maybe Brennan will get it for my bday... HAH! Well these days have been alright, cooling off w/ all that's going on and just enjoying the days as it gets warmer.

well here are some pics I took.

I don't enjoy how he edited without my permission!

There's more but somehow he's so lazy to send it all to me.

Monday, April 13, 2009


4 more days til'.......

my day! (:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday.

I would say what happened detail by detail but I'm a little lazy. The day started at 7 AM when stepsis and I went to hide plastic easter eggs filled with candies & money around the house. There was 124 eggs all together. Then ma' got up, we all cooked, picked up Sung, then we all ate. Waited for everyone to come, while we waited, twinny & I made a vid for april which I so happen don't like, so we're gonna make another one :d. Hunting started around 12 and everyone was going crazy. The teams were so competitive but Team Bunny won the grand prize and it was all over :/ Ate cupcakes and candies ;p 2 oclock and headed outside to play snowball fights. Then inside to warm off, ate cookies&cream icecream - yum :) day went on and we all felt tired.. slept slept and slept til 8 got up, ate pho, homework & back to sleep. Overall, it was a good Sunday<3

The eggs on the cupcakes were actually rings (:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I was bored off my mind and stepdad wanted to re-decorate the "entry" by the front door so we both decided to head to wally-world (that's walmart for you people who don't know what it is). Walked around a bit while he went to get what he needed and I stumbled upon the "spring section" they were putting up. And saw some cute gladiators in all colors. I had to get me some, even though it's from walmart but heck, bargain since I'm on a budget! Hah, and I swear, their new scarf section was decked out :D All pretty spring colors from orange, yellow, aqua, purple, pink and etc. Only bought one since it was 10 bucks and again I'm on a budget! Ergh lame but I'm satisfied for now.

The scarf and gladiators.

& the "re-decorated door entry"

Monday, April 6, 2009


I just love love love colorful laces :D
Once again from Stamp D. I love the different color,
style & funk they put into their clothes!


Now we all know that converses has always been "out" and "in" with style. But Christopher from Stamp D, has been recently working on his new custom converses. Each shoe is guaranteed to be one of a kind and hand painted with the utmost detail and precision. Every pair of Stampd' LA's is an original. These will definitely strike a chord with the right audience!

But what makes it even more the better than any other brand is that not unlike the online tools the big guys boast - through the website customers can design their own shoe allowing them to see their creation before ordering!

Here were some pics that he updated me with.

Check out the website for more!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


on yesterday. So my Saturday started off quite well. Woke up around 10-ish and decided to pamper myself since I haven't done it in so long. Always busy dealing w/ school and the state qualifying exam so it felt good to set time aside yesterday and just relaxed. Got my nails done, and I decided to go with a simple-chic/somewhat vintage style, an all black with polka dots. Turned out pretty cute.

Then, took a long long long bath and listened to my "indie" music while relaxing. The day went on, got an unexpected phone call from my bugs & besssst ryan! It got me thinking about alot of things. Then, just relaxed and relaxed and relaxed. Oh how good it felt to just relax! hah :d Then, around 7-8 ish, Brennan & Max decided they wanted to stop by (because they knew mama was cooking pho). Wooooosa. It's been awhile since she last made it, about 5-6 months ago? But it was yummmmmy :d Since there is no place here where they sell asian ingredients like how HI got chinatown, mama had to place a special order from the main asian downtown in California and had it shipped here. It usually takes about a whole day to make the broth and everything but since ma' is always working, this pho only took about 1 hour :p It turned out pretty good.

Then, around 10 ish (notice how I use "ish" because I never do remember the exact time) Twin, Stepsis, Max, Brennan, & I decided to just talk stories. It went on & on & on to 12 something and they left. Was about to head off to bed, when sissys decided we should eat AGAIN, >> ugh how it made me feel so fat :P w/ older bro since we haven't had a real sit-down meal w/ him in forever. While we were eating, parents came in from the bar and asked twin & I what we wanted for our birthday (since it's in 12 days!) I want a new nikon camera for photography w/ more lens :P it's becoming more and more of my passion. & Twin wanted a new Wii. It's all about the technology nowadays. Hmmph, then I don't know what happened or how the conversation turned into a whole bicker fest with parents arguing back and forth with sisters and brother. Talking about they "never, ever" do anything around the house. This turned into a whole 2 hour convo and didn't hit the sheets til' 3 this morning ;p Didn't even got the chance to call bugs back.. but overall, it was somewhat a good day. Looking forward to this upcoming Saturday. Muah, PL&L!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Is finalllly here! & you're probably wondering why I'm excited?! well birthday happens to be on the 17th and I'm helllla excited! :D (although I'd rather celebrate it back home w/ my girlfriends&boyfriends) :'{ but I'm looking forward to it! Nothing planned out yet and nothing will be because I love surprises =) shhh. but anyways, April and May will be the busiest months for me >:P The state qualifying exam is already next week & I have to pass it in order to graduate.. LAME! But, just 5 more weeks of school & I'm done w/ the school yr. Phewwww, finally! On the other hand, the word PROM is an issue. Been asked but heck I know I don't want to go. Why?! come on, it's AK. You think prom is gonna be a blast here? uhhhh no! :X There's so much I have to do and so little time. So I've made a promise to myself to set some goals to accomplish some of the things that've been on my mind:

1. Finish the mural/design collab. for LHS
2. Finish the 3 books I've started but haven't bothered to finish
3. Manage time wisely so I'll get the chance to actually call people esp my bugs. I always get exhausted from hmwrk and trying to manage the family. But at the same time I'm still waiting til' I get my phone back.
4. Save $$$ for the road trip we're taking soon. Cuz' I know I'll be spending alot of ma's money & she'll get pisssy.
5. Try to make the best of everything before Brennan leaves :P
6. Cut-dye-&hair extensions makeover ;]
7. Look through colleges cuz' stepdaddy wants us to get a headstart :P
8. Get my Alaska permit & hopefullly liscense
9. Try to lose about 10 pounds in 2 weeks? hah I'll try...

& That's about it for now. Hopefully add some more to this list.